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Marcus Ruggiero is an enduring artist in the pop/Americana genre who has independently acheived some National attention. He has had singles on over 300 AAA and college stations around the country. He also gained attention, with heavy rotation, on several Clear Channel stations. This success can be directly associated with his songwriting skills that incorporate true-to-life lyrics that go beyond the working man's mentality, incorporating an intelligence that could be equated to a Springsteen or a Dylan, all strung together by music that is dynamic, both built for live performance, and radio worthy. All of this is tied together by a strong baritone vocal presense that surprises you with his use of falsetto and excellence of range.

"His rich baritone vocals paint vignettes
that dig deep into despair"

Don Wilcock
The Troy Record

"Marcus writes songs that you know come from the heart, and make you want to know more about the circumstances behind the song. He's the next Bruce Springsteen, but without the fame or money (yet)!"

Alan Green,
Senior Marketing Consultant,
Clear Channel Albany

"Ruggiero rock's, a rich voiced sharp writing troubadour"

Mike Lisi, The Daily Gazette




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